Opening office files

There was a recent request to load Microsoft Office 2003 on computers on campus because a user was unable to open a file they created on campus using Microsoft Office 2007. This is because they only had Microsoft Office 2003 loaded on their home computer. Microsoft has created a compatibility pack which allows users to open Office 2007 documents using Office 2003. Here is the link to download the Microsoft Office compatibility pack.


Websites and Clubs

A recent question at the IT Help Desk concerned the ability for a club to have a website. Yes!! at NOVA clubs are allowed to have websites. Since each campus manages clubs and organizations locally, if you have any questions about clubs please contact your campus Student Services organization. They will be happy to guide you to the proper resources for any questions you may have concerning clubs and student organizations. Here are links to two of the many student organizations at NOVA: Recreation and Parks Society and The Hispanic Student Union


Software at NOVA

NOVA does not offer Microsoft products for download. Microsoft office as well as other applications are available on the computers available to students at the different campuses. As a NOVA student, you are eligible for significant discounts from software vendors for the products you referenced. You are also eligible for free downloads of symantec virus scanner from the VCCS. Here is the link for usefull software information at NOVA.


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