Microsoft Windows 7

There have been many requests regarding Microsoft Windows 7. The college has plans to move into Windows 7. In an organization the size of NOVA, it takes careful planning in order to have a successful migration. Consequently, there are many conversations taking place today to make sure the migration is successful and offers the least amount of interruption for students, faculty, and staff. In the interim, if individuals prefer to use personal laptops with Windows 7 loaded on them, this is ok. These computers should be able to connect to the wireless network using the same SSID, user ID and password information that works for other Microsoft Operating Systems to connect to the college's wireless network.


Blackboard Training

Since most NOVA classes utilize Blackboard, students should feel comfortable in the Blackboard environment. Blackboard utilization by instructors will continue to get more extensive. There is an anticipated Blackboard update coming soon which deliver additional capabilities. If a student does not feel completely comfortable, the NOVA website has many on-line tutorials available. Here is a link to the content tutorial available.

NOVA Alerts

NOVA would like to take this opportunity to recommend all students, faculty and staff register for NOVA alerts. During the registration process, the user has the opportunity to register for campus specific alerts, as well as college wide alerts. Please review register for any campus you associate with during the term. NOVA also recommends as you progress through your experience at NOVA, you register for additional campuses if you find you experience requires you to attend or work at other campuses. Here is the link for NOVA alerts registration.